Genoa, Slow Fish 2017. We are the Net

01 Slow Fish

From May 18 to 21, Porto Antico in Genoa is hosting Slow Fish 2017. La Rete Siamo Noi.

02 Porto Antico, credits Alessandro Vecchi

Porto Antico, the old harbour, is where the International Exposition of Genoa ’92 was held and where today one can find the Aquarium of Genoa, the second largest in Europe.

03 SlowFish Cooking Class. credits SlowFish

Slow Fish is an international event which combines fish, good fishing practices, scientific marine resources, protection of biodiversity and also a lesson on taste.

04 We are the net, credits SlowFish

This year’s slogan is “la rete siamo noi”, we are the net. Here reference is to the complex network between links and nodes in the web.

05 Fishing in Liguria, Credits Bistromare

Slow Fish is especially dedicated to fishermen, cooks, academics and researchers, but the many food stalls, where chefs and fishermen will prepare their tasty dishes, are a direct invitation to foodies.

06 Fish auction, credits SlowFish

Also scheduled are open air conferences with film projections, music, presentations and much more.

07 Fried anchovies, credits SlowFish

Open from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to midnight and on Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm. Free admission.

08 Slow Fish 2015, credits Planetaria Hotels

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Heritage Open Day May 21st – Lunigiana Venues

01 Castel dell'Aquila, Gragnola, credits official website

The historical territory of Lunigiana, between La Spezia and Massa Carrara, is ready to celebrate Heritage Open Day on May 21st. Castles, historic houses and gardens are, in fact, ready to open their doors and gates.

02 Fosdinovo, credits Histouring

Amongst the many sites one can visit are the elegant Hydrangea Garden of the medieval Malaspina Castle in Fosdinovo and the more highland garden of the Castle of Bagnone where at 4 pm the local philharmonic band will be playing.

03 Castello di Bagnone, credits Davide Papalini

At Ponte di Monzone, the 17th-century Villa Giannetti will be open for visits. This villa has belonged to the Giannetti family since it was built! At Gragnola, instead, the Castel dell’Aquila will be open from 10 am to 7 pm. This imposing fortress, built between the 9th and 10th century, enjoys a breathtaking view perched on its hill. Here it will also be possible to taste some local products.

04 Convento del Carmine di Cerignano, Fivizzano, credits ADSI

Outside Fivizzano one can visit the 16th-century Convento del Carmine and the gardens of Villa La Pescigola, especially renowned for its daffodils. Both are great wedding locations.

05 Palazzo Fantoni Bononi, Fivizzano

Furthermore, in Fivizzano it will be possible to visit Palazzo Fantoni Bononi, seat of the Printing Museum. Here in the gardens a tea buffet will be offered. Up above Licciana Nardi, the Malaspina Castle of Monti will open its doors for the first time. Guided tours for small groups from 11 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm.

06 Castello Malaspina di Monti di Licciana Nardi, credits Luca Andreetti_02

In addition, open are the park of Villa Pavesi Ruschi di Teglia, Mulazzo, the gardens of Villa Pavesi Negri – Baldini at Scorano and those of Palazzo Negri Dosi at Pontremoli.

07 Palazzo Negri Dosi, credits Bruce Hammers

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Vermentino Wine Train

01 treno-a-vapore-val-d-orcia

There’s not only Treno Natura going around Tuscany. There’s another one which on June 11th will be uniting Tuscany to Liguria. It’s the Treno del Vermentino.

02 The amphitheatre of Luni, credits

This old steam train will leave Livorno at 8.32 am and go through the stations of Pisa Centrale, Pisa San Rossore, Torre del Lago, Viareggio, Pietrasanta, Forte dei Marmi, Massa Centro and Carrara Avenza to stop at the old train station of Luni in Liguria by 11.30 am.

03 Castelnuovo Magra, credits Chiara Gallo

From there participants will be taken up the hills to Castelnuovo Magra, a small town with a large historical background, and invited to celebrate Benvenuto Vermentino. It will be possible to taste over 100 labels of Vermentino wine coming from Liguria, Tuscany, Sardinia and Corsica.

04 Palazzo Amati-Ingolotti-Cornelio, credits Genni Gianfranceschi

There will also be visits to the 18th-century palazzi of Castelnuovo Magra, cooking shows, local food stalls and the chance to get a bite of what this generous territory has to offer.

05 Benvenuto Vermentino and the tower, credits Chiara Gallo

It will also be possible to visit the medieval tower of the Palace of the Bishops of Luni, from which one enjoys a breathtaking view of the Magra Valley and seacoast.  The tower, in that period, will be hosting an exhibition of photographer Mario Dondero, “A Tribute to Prague, Tracking Utz”.

06 Town centre of Castelnuovo Magra, credits Genni Gianfranceschi

Certainly an opportunity that one can’t miss if you love wine and quaint hill towns with extraordinary views.

07 Castelnuovo Magra credits pag uff Torre del Castello dei Vescovi di Luni - Castelnuovo Magra SP_01


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Ferrari 70 1947-2017


Ferrari is celebrating its 70th anniversary and it has chosen Tuscany as one of the international locations for a four-day celebration. After New Zealand, Hong Kong and Thailand in March, and Qatar and Indonesia in April, May will be our month.

02 Lucca

On May 5th, in fact, the traditional Ferrari Cavalcade and Classic Cavalcade will leave Forte Dei Marmi on the coast of Versilia for a trip inland to Capannori and then Lucca for lunch. The road back to Forte dei Marmi will be through Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.

03 Lerici

On the 6th this most exclusive Gran Turismo event, reserved to only the most important owners all over the world of the Prancing Horse, will be leaving for Lerici, then round back towards Viareggio and then Pisa for lunch under the leaning tower. The evening will be spent in one of the most iconic glamour night clubs of Versilia, La Capannina, especially renowned in the 60s and 70s for its famous clients.


In the meanwhile, on both the 6th and 7th, Ferrari lovers will be able to admire their favourite vehicles on show in Forte dei Marmi – in Via Carducci and Piazza Garibaldi- from 5 pm to 10 am.

05 Malaspina Castle of Massa

On Monday 8th May, the cars will start off to tackle one of Italy’s most fascinating roads, the Strada dell’Abetone, that unites Tuscany to Emilia. After crossing the marble town of Massa, the Ferraris will enter the breathtaking Regional Nature Reserve of the Apuan Alps and leave Tuscany for Sassuolo and finally Maranello the home of the Prancing Horse.

06 Credits Sentieri Liguri Apuani

Certainly an event that Ferrari lovers lucky to be in the area shouldn’t miss.


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Bill Viola. Electronic Renaissance

01 Bill Viola

On until July 23rd at Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, a significant exhibition celebrating the unchallenged master of video art, Bill Viola.

02 Bill Viola and his partner Kira Perova at Palazzo Strozzi

Visitors will be immersed in space, music and sound whilst they track the career of this contemporary video artist from New York, from his early experimental years up to his modern monumental installations.

03 Bill Viola

Humanity is the main theme of Viola’s works. The artist explores people, bodies, faces in the attempt to reach perception, experience and spirituality. Through his art, man interacts with water and fire, light and darkness, life and rebirth.

04 Bill Viola

Thanks to the Renaissance backdrop of Palazzo Strozzi, Viola’s works interact with the masterpieces of the past, from whom he drew his own inspiration, in a ballet between the classic and the contemporary.

Five Angels for the Millennium 2001 Bill Viola born 1951 Purchased jointly by Tate, London courtesy of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York courtesy of Leonard Lauder, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris courtesy of Lily Safra, 2003

Open every day from 10 am to 8 pm, except on Thursdays, open until 11 pm.



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