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In the Oltrarno, Firenze, Villa Bellosguardo, Villa dell’Ombrellino and Villa Mercedes

Unusual  Florence, just a walk south of the Arno, along the country lanes among  the many Renaissance villas  which hosted at the end of the  19th and 20th centuries many British and American expatriates. A gorgeous approach uphill in the … Continue reading

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Villa Corsini a Castello, in the immediate outskirts of Florence

Why not abandon a too prevalent conformity in the choice of vacation and getting out of the ordinary without being discouraged by cold weather? Landscapes under winter light surely unfold a different charm and fascination and  journey, without considering  weather … Continue reading

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Mimmo Paladino at Santa Croce, Firenze

Stop to  souvenir stalls and their spreading commercial colonization in Florence main squares. It is time to step back and re- think over the deeper meaning of historical sites, witnesses of our shared past  memory. Let’s public places stop to … Continue reading

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Lucca Comics & Games

A nice break in Lucca before the oncoming winter, just for the weekend,  profiting from the accommodation at reduced price  offered by Tuscany Holiday Rent and from the Lucca  Comics & Games which started yesterday, November the 1st 2012. The … Continue reading

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