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Medievalis, when Pontremoli returns to 1226

In the heart of Tuscany’s historic territory, Lunigiana, lies Pontremoli with an age-old history going back to 1000 BC. Here every year in August they celebrate the Middle Ages with Medievalis. Continue reading

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Tria Turris, when Chiusi goes medieval

Chiusi returns to the Middle Ages with Tria Turris. Races, archery tournaments, bizarre football games and more are waiting for you from Jun 23 to 25. Continue reading

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The Golden North Doors of Ghiberti – Florence Baptistery

An exciting discovery has been made during the restoration of the North Doors of Florence Baptistery: notwithstanding time and pollution the original gilding has been found on the twenty-eight panels engraved by Lorenzo Ghiberti between 1403 and 1424 depicting the … Continue reading

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The Wine Trail of the Hills of Candia and of Lunigiana – Strada del Vino dei Colli di Candia e Lunigiana

Starting on our food and wine tour of Tuscany, the first Wine Trail to be created was that, unbelievably convenient, of our area: Luni & Massa Carrara Continue reading

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UNESCO’s World Heritage List adds other 14 Tuscan locations

The UNESCO’s World Heritage List is becoming greener thanks to the 2013 new inscribed properties: the Medici villas and gardens in Tuscany Continue reading

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