Keith Haring celebration in Pisa

Pisa is celebrating Keith Haring, the American  artist who painted in 1989 an outsized graffiti called ”Tuttomondo” on the wall of Saint Antony’s convent . The thirty multicoloured figures, joyfully dancing, compose a sort of modern “fresco”, celebrating universal peace in a composition of 180 sqms . It was Haring’s last public work before dying from Aids in 1990 in New York. In his Diaries the artist himself remembers this experience as one of his best projects.  Pisa, grateful to Keith Haring, one of the greatest exponents of “Art Street” with Michael Basquiat,  celebrates the 20th anniversary of his death with a  special event .Up to December the 24th children, passersby, tourists, ordinary people will be invited to ideally continue  the game of Haring,  jointly working on a gigantic  jigsaw of 32,256 pieces called “Keith Haring-double retro”. It is the largest jigsaw in the world  devoted to his works. For an accommodation in Pisa we suggest our beautiful apartment in the historical centre

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