In Florence, on the scaffolding in Santa Croce a close-up on the 14th century frescoes by Agnolo Gaddi

Thanks to the loving concern of the Japanese Takaharu Miyashita, Professor of History of Italian Art, at the University of Kanazawa and the financing of Mr.Tetsuya Kuroda, a rich Japanese patron, the 14th century frescoes of the Cappella Maggiore in Santa Croce, Florence, have been restored after five years’ passionate work by the highly professional staff of the Florentine Opificio delle Pietre Dure. From May the16th 2011 up to next year a wonderful world will be unveiled to the visitor,  staring at the” Legend of the True Cross”, on which Christ was crucified. Queens and kings artisans and farmers are the protagonists of this legend which, through the centuries, takes place in various parts of the world, telling the adventures of the Tree of Life. In a charmingly  pictorial tale, running from left to right, we are carried down in front of biblical stories about Adam’s tomb, Queen Sheba, Solomon, Helena, Constantino’s mother and Eraclio. But much more than that,  the frescoes, beyond the didactic aim of the Church that had to  teach the biblical stories to illiterate common people,  offer  a cross-section of the 14th century society.

Great  cameos from the contemporary cultural background. Several portraits : Giotto in his typical hat,  Agnolo Gaddi , his father Taddeo, Giotto’s  apprentice,  the Albertis, the clients  and a crowd of ordinary children,  women and workers,  springing up among the decorations of the windows. A curiosity  dating back to the 20th century, 1946 -47, the camouflaged faces of the restorer and his assistant. Here is the bespectacled  Amedeo Benini  who, conceitedly,  fixed on this wonderful fresco, among queens and kings, lictorian fasces, symbol of his attachment to the recent inglorious past of Italy. Climbing up the scaffolding,  the visitor will face up the delicate 14th century frescoes of 850 square meters, emotionally caught up by the extraordinary beauty of  characters,  scenes and close-ups, fixed for eternity by Agnolo Gaddi in Santa Croce, Cappella Maggiore. The guided tour, in groups of 15 people,  takes about 40 minutes. The ticket (13€) includes the visit to the basilica, cloister,  museum and Cappella dei Pazzi .

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