Fiesole, Teatro Romano. An occasion not to be missed

Why not decide to spend a week in Florence, one of the most appreciated towns in Tuscany, profiting of the wide offer of apartments by Tuscany Holiday Rent in order to enjoy some of the performances organized by the special summer events of the Estate Fiesolana 2011 ?

The ancient Roman amphitheater in Fiesole, at 8 kilometers above Florence, is going to be a truly unique music and theatre stage from June the 20th till August the 30th 2011.

Few days ago, June the 29th a great classical music performance took place in Fiesole: the Gala Concert-Souvenir de Florence, jointly presented by Florence and Saint Petersburg .This charming event, strongly enhanced by the appealing archeological site, was definitely a success. It emotionally involved the audience because of the suggestive dialogue among music, lights and sounds.

By that the Russian town of Saint Peterborough, the creator of the gala, meant to pay homage to Florence, highlighting the partnership in 2011 between Russia and Florence as far as culture and language are concerned. At the same time, it was the occasion to celebrate the 130th anniversary of Fedor Mihajlovič Dostoevskij (1821-1861) with this special night, ideally leading the audience onto the Prospettiva Nevskij, on the balalaika notes, through a show joining literature and music. On the stage of the Teatro Romano, the Tuscany Orchestra , the Choir Harmonia Cantata from Florence, the Saint Petersburg Quartet and the solo singers from the Marijnskij theatre performed under the guide of Andrej Aleksee, Russian orchestra director During the concert, extracts from the black and white film Raskolnikov were shown and passages from Crime and Punishment by Dostoevskij were read.

Surely it would have been nice to be among the happy few.

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