The classical crossover artist Andrea Bocelli & Friends at the Theatre of Silence at Lajatico, Pisa

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An international event is taking place there in a small Tuscan village called Lajatico, Pisa, hometown of Andrea Bocelli, the biggest-selling solo artist in the history of classical music.

My land – he says – loves, like me, silence and my voice, breaking it, wants to be a homage to  this  place. Music is able to get deep inside, run through it and fly away.

This is meant to be his love message his cherished land.

The landscape is magic here and it is easy to be captured by its charm especially at the end of a summer evening when it glows in the last golden beams of the parting day. The gentle hills seem to be playing, rising and falling in continuously rolling movements into a background of yellow straw fields while, in the distance, the lights of Volterra  remind us of its  Etruscan glorious past. That is going to be the backdrop of the great meeting among Italian and Chinese artists on June the 21st 2001, at the Theatre of Silence. The open air amphitheatre, built in 2006  by the municipality,  has  up to this year hosted just one concert for one night only over the following  five years, remaining for the rest of the year  simply a silent element of the landscape.

Now,  in its 2001 edition hosting “Bravo China”  the remarkable event is changing its schedule.

Andrea Bocelli, , Honorary President of The Teatro del Silenzio, has, this year, enthusiastically welcomed the invitation of the ambassador of the Chinese Popular Republic for Bravo China.

Chinese artists are going to join  Italian ones in dance and music performances in a shared partnership by two incredibly faraway  countries. The show after Hollywood, Rio de Janeiro, Athens and Moscow incredibly lands in  Lajatico as a major celebration of the Tuscan landscape, a sort of  modern homage to its celebrated past. The event is going to be jointly bradcast by Italian and Chinese televisions. The Maestro Andrea Bocelli will perform with the great pianist Lang Lang,  the operatic soprano Huang Ying and with Li Yugang,  one of the performer of the official theme song  You and Me at the 2008 opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing. The Italian  cast schedules Uto Ughi, the violin virtuoso, Eleonora  Abbagnano, Etoile of the Opéra Garnier in Paris and the flutist Andrea Griminelli.
This year’s appointment is due on Thursday July 21st at 8:15 pm.

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