Agripolis, Rural market at Fucecchio

The medieval town of Fucecchio

The medieval town of Fucecchio, in the province of Florence, holds a rural monthly market with organic food. Agripolis, is held every third Saturday of the month and wants to be a place where consumers can meet, learn and acquire more knowledge on the local food, as well as other products, dealing directly with who produces them. Every edition, furthermore, provides demonstrations of artisan agricultural products techniques (wine, oil, honey, etc.) organized as educational workshops for children and adults who can participate for free.

Snooping around the stalls

The objective, therefore, is to provide an opportunity for producers and consumers, shorten the chain of purchase with a consequent reduction of time between harvest and consumption. As well as promoting the creation of a solidarity economy between producers and consumers, as well as between them and the environment, promoting the culture of rural and small productions typical of the area.

A livestock fair is held once a year

The local manufacturer will thus have new sales opportunities and the quality of his products will be more visible. The consumer will find fresh, seasonal merchandise on the market, products of reliable and high quality, as well as cheaper owing to the absence of intermediation, and with the guarantee of a fair return for the producer.

Fucecchio from above

An intelligent way of selling and buying. For those wanting to spend a holiday in this area of the Florentine Chianti countryside we suggest one of our holiday accommodations in Fucecchio.

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