Art in Tuscany: From the Patch to the Present-Day

Pisa, the Lungarno Mediceo

Open until the 8th February at the CentroArteModerna on the Lungarno Mediceo of Pisa the exhibition “Arte in Toscana: dalla Macchia al Contemporaneo”, Art in Tuscany: From the Patch to the Present-Day, curator Massimiliano Sbrana. This show annually brings together paintings, graphics and photography by both Italian and European artists associated with the Tuscan tradition.

Autumnal Lanscape by Masaniello Luschi

Tuscany, once cradle of the Italian civilization and now one of the main melting pots of modern European culture, is not only tied to the extraordinary development of concepts and to the methods and forms of original expression that have countermarked it in over two millenniums of history: it has been the source of an extraordinary artistic production, that has laid down the time and means on the continental scenario. Tuscany, in this case, as a laboratory of artistic and creative experiences, as a place of welcome, of growth, of trial, of synthesis and of cultural relaunching.

Flowers by Giulio Da Vicchio

In this year’s edition there are therefore on display works of many artists from all over Italy and even Europe, with a particular attention to the first and second Tuscan twentieth-century as well as to the Italian and European contemporary modern evidence. Showing are: Franco Banti, Gino Bonfanti, Diego Burigotto, Franco Cappelli, Daniele, Cerù, Lorella, Consorti, Mimmo Corrado, Silvano Crespi, David D’Annunzio, Giulio Da Vicchio, Giacomo De Troia, M. Letizia Lazzeretti, Masaniello Luschi, Pietro Marinò, Mario Meucci, Fiamma Morelli, Renato Natali, Alessandra Paoli, Walter Pituello, Basso Ragni, Mario Rigacci, Ferruccio Rontini, Luca Squarciapino, Giuseppe Viviani.

The Leaning Tower

Famous the world over for its Leaning Tower, Pisa has quite a reputation also for its museums and art galleries. Winter hides many surprises in this beautiful University city. For those wanting to explore this reality, here’s a link to one of our holiday accommodations in Pisa.

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