Filippino Lippi comes back home

Next Sunday,  February the 12th 2012,  the altar-piece Nerli  by Filippino Lippi will be welcomed home by Florentines. It is back to its original spot,  the Santo Spirito  Church. The painting, which has been there for five hundred years,  was moved to the  restoration workshops and after its rebirth it was sent to Rome,  as part of the exhibition “Filippino Lippi e Sandro Botticell nella Firenze del Quattrocento” at the Scuderie del Quirinale. The restoration work has been  great.  Accurate and swift.

The painting has been brought back   to its original  splendor and  beauty, and  new details  reveal, now,  the  rich materials employed such as the stunning gold of the frame, the silver of the grottos and the lapislazuli of the Vergin’s dress. The yellowish light which seemed to hint at a sunset after the cleaning has revealed  clouds before invisible and more defined  countenances of the characters.

The scene is very harmonious, in the front  the Virgin with  the Child and San Giovannino  enclosed by  St Martins of Tours and St Catherine of Alexandria. The  sacred group  is framed by  the commissioners Tanai de’Nerli and his wife Nanna.  At the back  Florence with  its San Frediano Gate and scenes from ordinary daily life among which a man saying goodbye to his family on a doorstep before a departure.    A very Florentine architectural element,  a loggia,  separates the two worlds, the sacred and the profane.  Is there a link between the two spheres?  Since the  painting records a historical event episode of  Nerli’s life, his leaving for France for negotiating  peace with Charles VIII,  king of France, maybe the background reveals a moment of his familiar life, his hug to his daughter in front of his wife while a groom cares his horse.

The art historians are at work on the issue.

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