Florence goes choco

This is certainly going to be a very sweet week for Florence and surroundings. Starting on Friday 10th February, continuing until Sunday 19th, the 8th edition of the Artisan Chocolate Fair in the central Piazza della Repubblica of Florence. This show focuses on the quality of the products and a careful selection of the chocolate masters as well as enhance collateral initiatives. These activities include meetings, performances and also some Carnival frolic.

In fact it’s the Chocolate Carnival that is going to liven up Florence the following two weekends (11-12 & 18-19th February) together with the town’s flag-wavers. With their historical costumes and Renaissance music and rhythms the flag-wavers seek to spread the art of “handling the flag”, not as easy as it seems.

On Sunday 12th, instead, the beautiful hill town of Fiesole, right outside Florence, is hosting its Chocolate Festival with Master Chocolatiers from all over Italy presenting their sweet creations. A whole day to roam among the stalls and enjoy both the aroma as well as the flavour of high quality chocolate, thanks to these brilliant craftsmen.

What is being offered to visitors is a journey in taste: from assorted pralines with hazelnut cream and chocolate to hot chocolate flavoured in the most surprising, as well as enticing, ways, from the ‘cremini’ –the three-layered chocolates- to luscious slabs of milk, dark and hazelnut chocolate. These and many other specialities will be offered to the public, who will also discover new combinations that marry well with chocolate, such as, for example, a particular beer.

Piazza Repubblica as seen from Giotto's Bell Tower

It is therefore chocolate in all its forms for those visiting Florence and its surroundings these days. Here’s a selection of holiday villas around Florence.

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