A Tuscan chef from Florence to Miami, Florida

The exchange among Florence and the States  involves culture in its  wider meaning.    art,  fashion and food. Competence and creativity and passion are the winning ingredients. These days,  Marco Stabile,  Florentine chef and owner of the restaurant ”L’Ora d’Aria” in via dei Georgofili, has exported his talent to Miami, opening a restaurant  called “Toscana Divino”.  In November 2011  he got a Michelin star presenting himself as one of the most promising Italian chef , privileging experience to theoretical background.  An indirect attack to the TV chef programs, often lacking  the necessary solid  professionalism. Tradition and innovation are  the basic pillars to enhance  the Tuscan cooking  of  Marco Stabile. For his most successful recipes  he goes back to the tastes of the old good times,  to the  ingredients  strongly tied to his Tuscan roots. His dishes are able to dialogue with  the traditional  tastes,  sounding so comfortable and  reassuring.  However the pigeon and the piglet he prepares evolve to new heights through special cooking techniques,  the  pepper flavoured pork melts inside   and contemporarily gets crunchy outside.

Innovation goes on, adding Marco Stabile’s  special  touch and  his research can address to the potato too, sorting out of his hat a humorously  famous dish  “The dream of the potato: go beyond the truffle “. The chef has successfully organized an  unusual competition  between   the humble potato  and the noble truffle  with his creativity as winner.

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