Events in Florence for the Culture Week. April 14 -22, 2012

On Saturday,  April the 14th , 2012  the Culture Week started. It is going on for nine days up to the 22nd.  In Florence, like in many Italian towns, state museums, mansions, archeological sites,  libraries  welcome  visitors, for free. Public and private institutions have  jointly planned many programs to enhance the love and interest  for  huge Italian art heritage. Special events such as workshops,  tours and concerts are going to enrich these days devoted to discovery of Florence jewels.  In addition the Ministry of Culture has involved teachers and students as guides: a professional training and commitment to the cultural heritage for  students and a wider  artistic perspective for  visitors. Many the opportunities. In the heart of Florence, at the Uffizi and at Palazzo Strozzi important exhibitions  about  the Flemish tapestries of the Medicis and about American Impressionists respectively.

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Among the many events not to be neglected the restored painting by Max Klinger “The Mermaid” which will be on show at the Galleria d ‘Arte Moderna for long.
At the Museum of San Marco it is possible to admire some restored paintings by Fra Angelico, accompanied by explanatory panels.

Many other treasures can be discovered in Florence these days.

An opportunity not to be missed

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