The Sagras are back!

With the fine weather coming back all the towns in Tuscany have kicked off with their traditional village festivals, giving us all an opportunity to try local dishes, drink excellent wine and maybe even dance in the square. The Pisan area has a rich programme to offer for the following weekends, so let us give them a quick look.

Just outside Cascina, the hamlet of Santo Stefano di Macerata is hosting quite a few events this weekend (25-27th May) and the next (1st-2nd June) such as the Festa Chiesanovese and the Eel Festival (Sagra dell’Anguilla) as well as the Palio of Santo Stefano. So not only slippery eels and other, maybe more appetizing dishes, but also team games.

The beautiful town of Lari, dominated by its walled castle, is holding from the 26th to the 27th May and again from the 2nd to the 3rd June its well-known Cherry Festival, the Sagra delle Ciliegie, where not only one may taste this delicious fleshy fruit in various species, all locally grown, but also eat typical Pisan dishes, as well as hear local musicians and shop at the gourmet market. The Medicean Castle will remain open and is hosting an exhibition with the photos from the 2011 edition as well as a wooden statue exposition.

Nearer to Pisa, the medieval town of Buti, full of interesting sights, is hosting this weekend and the next its 25th edition of the Sagra della Schiacciata, the local focaccia they bake around here. Guests will be able to try this speciality seasoned and topped in many ways in addition to typical dishes and barbecued meat. All night strictly ballroom dancing!

Going back down between Cascina and Buti, the medieval towered village of Vicopisano is holding for the following two weekends its established Snail Festival, Sagra della Chiocciola. Never fear, not only gastropods are being served but also tasty local dishes, washed down with excellent Pisan wine and a live orchestra swinging away in the background.

Nearby, the spa village of Casciana Terme is hosting, during the same weekends, its Suckling Pig Festival, Sagra del Porcellino. Apart from piglets, visitors will get a chance to try other local specialities like the bread and bean soup, the legendary ‘penne alla pietraiola’ pasta dish and also grilled meat. There will also be a dog show and football tournaments, whereas on Saturday evening “Music under the Stars” and Sunday music from the seventies.

Last, but certainly not least, Agnano Pisano, near San Giuliano Terme, is holding from the 1st to the 3rd June, and again from the 8th to the 10th, its 8th edition of the Wild Boar Festival, Sagra del Cinghiale. This feral ancestor of the pig will be served both roasted and as a delicious sauce for pasta, washed down with excellent local wine. Food and wine stalls will be around the village offering more gourmet deliciousness and ballroom dancing will be swinging away.

A good opportunity to come and visit the surroundings of Pisa.

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