Mrs Ciccone at the Uffizi, Florence: a real Madonna lifestyle verging on the profane

After the great show at the Florence stadium on Saturday the 16th June 2012,  welcomed by a huge crowd,  Madonna  visited the Uffizi on  the following day,  thus fulfilling  her  wish to visit the  museum.  A Sunday devoted to art. The Uffizi have been deliberately opened for her  at about 7 pm. She was let inside,  together with her team from a secondary door in Via della Ninna, in  the vain effort to escape from her fans or in the successful attempt to increase the mysterious halo of any  Madonna.

In fact,  immediately recognized  by her customarily provocative  black attire,  completed by a pair of  crucifixes adorning her  hat  and necklace she  was cheered by fans. The museum “Sopraintendente”,  Cristina Acidini chaperoned  the star inside the rooms where  a museum guide introduced her to the  history of the Medicis and their connections between art and political power.  Like a  good student,  she enquired about  the singular relationship between the sacred and profane inside  the  cultural background  of the time.  Cleverly deep questions. Was she perceiving a sort of similarities  with her own lifestyle in a such apparently incompatible mixture of these two  elements?  An unexpected interest towards the Renaissance  Neoplatonism and its ability to mingle with religion. Everybody could have noticed her particular interest in Philosophy and Morals while watching  the great masters ranging from Duccio,  Giotto, Lippi, Michelangelo and mostly ” La Primavera” by Botticelli.

Sculpture  visibly touched her too. Then a  more worldly note,  a cocktail on top of  the Loggia dei Lanzi,  in front of one of the most stunning backdrops in the world. Celebrity versus celebrity. The Florence landscape  paying its homage to Madonna or viceversa? Later a new plunge into culture,  the Corridoio Vasariano up to Boboli Gardens. Here,  the queen of the pop  let her  to be immortalized in front of the Buontalenti Grotto and in the terrace above the Rondò di Bacco. But time is money,  so  back again to the black vans waiting for  Madonna and the sacred group. A fast drive  downtown. The show had to go on after the cultural  parenthesis. The star system was planning the shooting of  a  Florentine video clip with Madonna  singing “ Turn up the radio” from her last album Mdna. The original location, Fiesole in the immediate Florence surrounding was at last replaced.  Also Madonna was  replaced by a double. She might be the same poor imitation  who appeared on the stage before the beginning of the concert for the light testing.

As a real star she appeared to the bare essentials.

Did she have to keep faithful to her mystic image like a real Madonna?

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