Guided tours by Cooperativa Archeologica in the very heart of Florence

In a few days, on August the 7th 2012,  at 8 pm,  an interesting evening tour is going to be dedicated to the very heart of Florence.

” Le sere del Di’ di Festa. Nati all’ombra di’  Cupolone” (Holiday evenings under the shadow of Florence Dome) is one of the events organized by the Cooperativa  Archeologica , organizing here  itineraries to the historical roots of the city and its surroundings , just after its successful  journey,  on August the 2nd,  in Fiesole, on the tracks of the Etruscans’ and Romans’ remnants.

Archeological perspectives and renaissances suggestions are inevitably going to intertwine. The visitor is suggested to follow the attitude of the one who, rummaging  in an attic, looks for items of the past. Anecdotes and curiosities,  often unknown even to  residents, will be revealed  to him in the walk under the dome, designed by Brunelleschi in 1420 as  the greatest sample of his architectural works and daring engineering skills. The largest and highest dome of his time could be planned without any wooden support, being the upper bricks bonded by a vertical herring bone pattern. Not to be missed its cross-reference, the façade whose many-coloured marble  walls become the friendliest note of Florence, as Henry James, the American writer, noticed in 1873. ” There is – in his own words – an unfailing charm in walking past their acres of geometrical mosaic, you greet them from the deep streets as you greet the side of a mountain when you move in the gorge “.

Who could better than an American, accustomed to his native dramatic landscapes, suggest  the proper attitude in front of a such wonder, thus writing down a new page of our personal experience in front of a such privileged amazement ?

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