Enrique Vargas’ Fermentation at the Funaro, Pistoia

Again  in September the usual meeting in Pistoia at the Funaro. The theatre-workshop, founded in 2009,  is going to host up to the end of the month the last work of Enrique Vargas, the Columbian director of the Teatro de los Sentidos.( Read  on purpose the post “ The chance of a lifetime for lovers of both Tuscany and Enrique Vargas” published on Blog Tuscany Holiday Rent on July 29,  2011) . The audience’s  sensorial involvement  again distinguish Enrique Vargas’  last performance ”Fermentation”. The spectator turns into a traveler because of his  passing through planned steps of knowledge, which  gradually mix  the external  world’s perception with self-awareness.

“Long, long time ago, only a few men knew the secret and the risk of awakening the dormant soul which lies in wine..” that is its presentation at the Festival International de Teatre de Tarragona in June, 2012.

While apparently at rest  in the depths of the earth, the grape juice drives back the spectator through its past, from its blossoming leaves up  to the bunches of  grapes and  finally to the precious substance,  successful result from a collective rite. The whole senses of the spectator are effected, the body as a whole is involved. The soul itself is not forgotten, a final  music celebrates the birth of wine.

A poetic staging of a  historical procedure dating back to myth, religion and history, set in Pistoia, Tuscany, one of the most prestigious of Italy’s wine region where its Wine Roads  stand as historical memories of a  countryside geographically  molded by the vineyards and their farmers work over the centuries.

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