Jazz at the Grotta of Buontalenti, Boboli Gardens

A late summer night’s  music dream.

In September, Pitti Jazz, a three days’ event, is  taking place at the Grotta of Buontalenti, Boboli Gardens . It deserves our  attention for  joining together art and music. The audience  are first  invited to visit the strikingly light grotto  in the park behind Palazzo Pitti and then to attend  a jazz concert en plein air,  under the stars.  As to the Grotta of Buontalenti   have a look at the post called The”wunderkammer” of the Renaissance architect, Bernardo Buontalenti of May, 28th, 2012, on Tuscany Holiday Rent Blog.

Three dates not to be missed. On the first concert on September the 5th 2012,  Fabrizio Bosso is performing with his trumpet, accompanied by Rosario Buonaccorso on bass. The event continues on September the 10th, with the trio, made up  of  Rita Marcotulli, the pianist, Luciano Biondini, the accordion player and the Argentinian multi-instrumentalist  Xavier Girotto.

On September13th, the last concert with Mirko Guerrini, a Florentine saxophonist  much appreciated abroad especially  in  Canada and Australia. His performance is going to be enriched by a visual artist Massimo Ottoni ‘s sand works which add an extra magic to Guerrini‘s  amazing sound .

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