Astor Piazzolla at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence

A night with Piazzolla, today October 9, 2012  in the unique backdrop of the hall of Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence. The  free concert ” Vuelvo al Sur”, is meant to be  a right homage to the Argentinian composer. Guitars, accordeons,  basses, violins, violas and cellos will celebrate in a concert  the virtuoso of bandoneon, on the fifth anniversary of his death. The protagonists  Angelo Colone,  Massimo de Lorenzi, Giuliana Soscia, Andrea Avena and the Quartet Pessoa made up of Marco Quaranta , Rita Gucci,  Achilles Taddeo and Kyung Mi Lee are going to perform Piazzolla’s unique language.  His tango pieces  are a challenge for the  group; the task of  communicating  the successful mixture of  different musical genres and composition types is not an easy one. The unique synthesis of tradition and  innovation stands as a vanguard work  where  the tango framework is able to successfully embrace  contrasting elements  such as jazz and classical music. The tango- in Piazzolla’s  own words -becomes a music to  be listened more than danced.

The final result is  definitely fascinating. His  hectic life,  his continuous travelling  abroad from the native Buenos  Aires to New York, from Paris to Italy  are just  hints reflecting the never-ending research, the longing for experimentation. His   biography  includes   incredible characters such as Carlos Gardel, Julio de Caro , Anibal Troilon,  Arthur Rubinstein, the legendary French composition teacher at the Fontainbleau  conservatory, Nadia Boulanger, the  writer Jorge Louis Borges, the poet Horacio Ferrer, Gerry Mulligan, the founder of cool jazz, just to name a  few. Astor Piazzolla is surely a myth  to be discovered and loved.

A concert which is an opportunity not to be missed

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