French cinema at the Institut Français, Florence

Every Wednesday up to March 20, 2013 from 20 to 22 at the Institut Français in  Florence  a plunge into in French films.  A fil rouge  links  Florence with French culture,  cinema  in particular. In fact, the “Institut Francais”, one of the most prestigious centers of French culture in the world  has got its site here in Piazza Ognissanti  and  the  successful event such as France Odeon takes place yearly in Florence. Now a good opportunity  to take part to sessions devoted  to  the history of French cinema, organized by the film critic Marco Luceri.

A  charming journey into the French film-making, originally shaped by the Lumière brothers, whose “ Arrival of a train at the Ciotat Station”  screened at the end of the 19th century, is  justly considered the real birth of cinema. But  the movie as a story, told through images turning round a plot, was pioneered by  Georges Méliés.

The silent movies of Abel Gance followed. In the twenties the avant-garde Dadaism and Surrealism approached film-making. Thence the productions  of  Ferdinand Lèger,  Antonin Artaud ant the masterwork  “A Chien Andalou”  of  1929 from the joint collaboration of Bunuel and Dalì. The poetic realism of Jean Renoir, Julien Duvivier  and Marcel Carnè prevailed in the thirties.  The audience is going to appreciate masterworks such as “ A Day in the Country”, “Pépé le Moko”, “Quai de Brumes” and above all ”Les Enfants du Paradis” a romantic story  shot during the German occupation  which became  symbol of the French cultural identity. Chef-d’oevre  of Marcel Carnè based on a script by Jacques Prévert,  spanning between dream and reality, is a must of the French cinema, known all over the world and  loved  since its first show in 1945. After the disruption caused by the second war  witnessed by directors such as Robert Bresson and Jean Cocteau,  a new generation of radical  film-makers grew under the guide of André Bazin, one of the authoritative founders of the Cahiers du Cinema.

The French New Wave of the late fifties was born with  François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard and Claude Chabrol  triggering later  brilliant directors such as Alain Resnais,  Agnès Varda, Jacques Demy, Louis Malle, Eric Rohmer who  were to deeply mark European  and American filmmakers. Surely such an interesting program  can’t be summarized in  few lines. It honestly deserves  better interest  and attention.                                                                                   Spend  few days in Florence. The exhibition “ Anni Trenta”  is going to end up in a short while (see on purpose the blog Tuscany Holiday Rent ”Palazzo Strozzi.  Anni Trenta. Arti in Italia oltre il Fascimo” published on October 18th 2012). You might as well profit from a lecture of Marco Luceri to widen your perspectives about French cinema.                                                                                                                                     As far as accommodations downtown  have a look at  Tuscany Holiday Rent.

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