Making Music Together… with Maestro Claudio Abbado


Saturday 28th March the Opera of Florence is opening the exhibit “Claudio Abbado/Making Music together”. The opera house has, in fact, decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest conductors of the 20th century with a series of photographs representing an emotional journey throughout his entire artistic career.

02 The Florence Opera House

Over two hundred shots by the photographers who met him during his lifetime. Picture after picture, the exhibition chronologically shows how the Maestro was in tune with his colleagues, actors and singers as well as photographs of his concerts even in non conventional places such as factories and stadiums.


Each picture narrates moments of deep sharing and underlines the importance of “making music together” that so profoundly characterised Abbado’s career.


On until June 28th 2015. Open to the public an hour before all the shows on programme at the Opera House.


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