Elliott Erwitt at the Lu.C.C.A.

 01 Elliott Erwitt, California, USA, 1955 - California Kiss

On show until August 30th at the Lu.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art – the exhibition “Elliott Erwitt. Retrospective”, curator Maurizio Vanni. Over 136 pictures have been chosen to relate the story of this great photographer and his 60 years of career.

 Elliott Erwitt, New York City, USA, 1974 - Felix, Gladys and Rover

Erwitt’s photographs are original because he has his own style which at the same time is intimist, ironic, surprising, at times impertinent and gently irreverent, but always technically flawless.

 03 Elliott Erwitt, New York City, USA, 1956 - Reading book, actress Marilyn Monroe

Even the most evocative shots, however, are connected to an occasional moment, to the here and now of a place and of a time, to the spontaneous smile in front of an unconventional scene or of a visual oxymoron.

 04 Elliott Erwitt, Paris, France, 1989 - Umbrella Jump, Tour Eiffel's 100th anniversary

However, as Erwitt himself says “All pictures should be, if not perfect, then at least well balanced, graphically and geographically correct. Composition is absolutely crucial and essential for any photograph”.

 05 Elliott Erwitt, Paris, France, 1989 - Dog jumping

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm. Full ticket costs 9 Euros.

 06 Elliott Erwitt, Cuba, 1964 -Che Guevara

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