Florence goes Black Night

 01 Notte Bianca 2014 12

No rock music here, my apologies to Deep Purple. Florence has decided to celebrate its traditional White Night holding a Black Night. The poetical reason given is that to obtain light the colour white must go through all the other shades, which as we know make up the colour black. So bring out the black and light shall it be.

 02 Notte Bianca 2014 14

For this reason, the city of Florence has decided to salvage all the elements of charm and mystery that darkness conveys and organize an event on April 30th through whose magnetism light will be achieved.

 03 Notte Bianca 2014 10

First of all Black Music: from rock to jazz, from gospel to reggae, from funky to blues. All around town there will be live music and even a concert at the prison of Sollicciano (orange is the new black?). There will also be other activities involving children, handicrafts, books and the less-known areas of the city.

 04 Notte Bianca 2014 02

As Deep Purple would sing ♫ Black night is a long way from home ♫. In fact, it’s in Florence.


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