St Francis and art at the Academy Gallery

 01 Giunta Capitino, San Francesco fra due angeli e sei miracoli

On at the Academy Gallery of Florence until October 11th is the exhibition “The Art of Francis.  13th to 15th-century masterpieces of Italian and Asian art”.

 02 Maestro di Figline, Maestà con i santi Ludovico di Tolosa ed Elisabetta d'Ungheria, Collegiata di Santa Maria Assunta, Figline Valdarno

Together with the order of the Grey-Friars, the Gallery has organized a display that aims to document the artistic production of Franciscan origin belonging to the 13th – 15th century as well as the work of evangelization of the Franciscans from the Holy Land to China.

 03 Maestro della Bibbia di Gerona e Maestro della Bibbia di Modena

On show cornerstones of Tuscan Holy Art with works by Master of Saint Francis, Giunta Capitini, medieval painter Taddeo Gaddi, Renaissance artist Carlo Crivelli, sculptor Nicola Pisano, ceramist Andrea della Robbia and the extraordinary Master of Figline.

 04 Giunta Pisano, Crocifisso con i Dolenti, Museo della Porziuncola, Assisi

Among the most valuable items on display the horn the Sultan of Egypt al-Malik al-Kāmil gave to St Francis in 1219 during his visit to Damietta, a group of Nestorian crosses cast in bronze belonging to the Yuan Dynasty  and today preserved in the University Museum and Art Gallery of Hong Kong and a precious Franciscan Bible conserved at the Malatesta Library of Rimini.

05 Coppo di Marcovaldo, San Francesco e venti storie della sua vita, Basilica di Santa Croce, Firenze Open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8.15 am to 6.50 pm. Full price ticket costs 12,50 Euros.

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