Music on the Apuan Alps


♫ The hills are alive with the sound of music ♫

Actually the mountains are. More precisely the mountain range in northern Tuscany, the ones you see when travelling along the coast, a perfect crown to the beaches.


Here in the Apuan Alps it’s no longer a question of white Carrara marble quarries and mountain trails with breathtaking views, since June 14th it’s also a matter of concerts with a sea view.


The CAI Club Alpino Italiano Massa, the Italian alpine club based in Massa, has organized a series of concerts which intend to fill the valleys below with celestial notes. Being played is above all classical music, with a partiality for violoncellos and violins, but some jazz variations will also be heard on these rocky sides. The musicians attending are from all over Italy and will reach the venues together with the audience.


Continuing until October 4th (fingers crossed for the weather) the themes of the festival are various. Starting with “The Mountain is calling”, conceived for a larger general public, for people of all ages, and for both mountain lovers and those who have never been up one.


“The High Trails”, instead, will be concerts held for experienced hikers and will involve long walks through some extraordinary various sceneries.  The concert venues for “The Ways of the Rock” will be accessible by trails of various levels of difficulties, while near the refuges it will be possible to do some climbing.


The “Educational Music on the Apuan Alps” will involve young hikers lead by local guides. Finally “Urban Trekking” will see concerts approaching the mountain from the city centres. The events will, in fact, be organized in locations inside the towns in the attempt to awaken residents’ and tourists’ passion for the mountains.


Certainly an alternative way of enjoying a holiday on the Versilia Coast, promising some unusual encounters.


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