The Castle of Sammezzano goes to auction for 22 million Euros

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The picturesque 17th-century Castle of Sammezzano set in the Florentine Valdarno in Leccio, near Reggello, is up for auction starting at 22 million Euros.

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This breathtaking, eclectic building was originally built in 1605 by the Spanish nobleman Ximenes of Aragon. Between 1853 and 1889 Ferdinand Panciatichi Ximenes remodelled it into one of the largest examples of Moorish Revival architectural.

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In the post World War II era the palace served as a luxury hotel, later it was abandoned and was put up for auction in 1999. Today this estate counts 13 buildings with their own grounds amongst which the hotel, Casale Borghetto Pirelli, the hunting lodge, Casale Quartaio, Casale Sociana, two ruins, the Park Keeper’s house, the Refreshment House, the Marnia Club House, the Terpini building and the surrounding park with its age-old trees.

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The park is one of the largest in Tuscany and was built in the mid-nineteenth century by Ferdinand Panciatichi exploiting the surrounding farmland as well as an ilex grove. A large amount of exotic tree species were planted, whilst the garden architecture, a bridge, a grotto with a statue of Venus, the ponds and fountains, are all in the Moorish style.

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Yet the irresistible charm of this castle lies in its rooms which lure the visitor into one of the pages of the “Arabian Nights”. Through an incredible labyrinth of colour one walks from room to room with the persistent impression of visiting the Taj Mahal or the Alhambra in Granada. Among the most impressive halls are the Peacock Room, the Gallery between the Hall of Mirrors and the octagonal Fumoir, the White Hall and the small chapel.

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If you’re thinking of bringing out your inner Sleeping Beauty the public sale will be on October 20th. Good luck!

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