Carlo Portelli, a Prestigious Painter

01 Academy GalleryOpening on December 22nd at the Academy Gallery in Florence, which houses Michelangelo’s famous David, is the exhibition: Carlo Portelli. Pittore di Pregio.

02 Immacolata concezione

Over fifty paintings, drawing and documents by Portelli, with at the centre his masterpiece: the Immaculate Conception. This monumental altarpiece was painted by the Florentine artist in 1566 and shocked the public with Eve’s nudity.

03 Adorazione dei Pastori o Natività

As can be observed in this and other works of art by Portelli, his paintings are often crowded with figures and reveal an untiring search for a refined elegance. Unfortunately his originality and modernity were not recognised neither during his lifetime nor afterwards and today this exhibition endeavours to redeem him.

04 Martirio di San Giovanni Evangelista

The show is on until the 17th April 2016. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8.15 am to 6.50 pm. Closed on December 25th and 1st January. Full ticket costs 16,50 Euros.



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