Il Duomo dei Senesi – the Cathedral of Siena

01 The Cathedral of Siena
A series of cultural events have been organized until February 28th inviting the Sienese, as well as tourists visiting Siena, to explore the treasures in and around the Cathedral.

02 The marble mosaic floor of the Cathedral

With meetings, guided tours, conferences and tastings, the Opera della Metropolitana, have prepared two different themes. On Sunday 31st January, and again 14th and 28th February, there will be The Opera Tearoom, Il Saloncino – Un tè all’Opera, where for 5 Euros visitors will attend conferences on specific topics related to the Cathedral’s history and taste fine teas from around the world. The atmosphere will recall the cultural circles Vittorio Alfieri inaugurated precisely within the Museo dell’Opera.

03 Under the Cathedral, in the 'Crypt'

Art Revivals, I Risvegli d’arte, instead will be held on a Saturday for the whole of February. With a 5 Euro ticket, visitors at 10.30 am will be offered a welcoming breakfast in the so-called ‘Crypt’ under the Cathedral, which will be followed by a lesson in front of the various artworks of the Duomo. An excellent opportunity to explore Siena’s Cathedral in a different manner.

04 Cathedral dome

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