I fochi di San Giovanni, Florence and St. John’s fires

01 Florence

In June both Pisa and Florence celebrate their patron saints, respectively St. Ranieri and John the Baptist. The latter is celebrated on June 24th and during the day, if not even the weeks preceding the date, Florence hosts various cultural and folklorist events which culminate in ‘I fochi di San Giovanni’, St. John’s fire(works).

02 Torre San Niccolò

Those visiting Florence on this day will be able to see the historical pageant that leaves Palazzo Vecchio in the morning to go offer candles to St. John in the Baptistery and also the opening of Torre di San Niccolò, one of the most ancient towers of Florence’s walls, which is opened on this day until September 30th.

03 Calcio Storico Fiorentino

In the afternoon, at 5 pm, it will be possible to attend the finals of the Calcio Storico, historical Florentine football game, held in Piazza Santa Croce. During the whole day market stalls with handicraft, food and wine dot the main streets and squares.

04 I Fochi di San Giovanni

In the evening, instead, visitors can enjoy the spectacular fireworks which will be fired from Piazzale Michelangelo. The best points from which to view the whole show is along the Arno River banks, but it is also possible directly on the piazzale, as well as from the numerous rooftops of Florence’s hotels and restaurants.

05 I Fochi di San Giovanni

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