Treno Natura 2017

01 Treno Natura 2017

This year’s programme for the Nature Train is packed with exciting trips and events. Kicking off on March 19th, the train leaves Siena for San Giovanni d’Asso and Montalcino on the trip known as the Marzuolo Truffle Train, a scent of truffles in the Crete Senesi.

02 Orcia Wine Festival

In April, the train leaves on the 17th for the Regional Antiques Fair at Buonconvento, stopping on the way at Asciano and Monte Antico, on the 23rd for the Orcia Wine Festival in San Quirico d’Orcia, and again on the 25th for Castiglione d’Orcia with the Spring edition touching also the stations of Buonconvento, Monte Antico and Asciano.

03 Buonconvento

In May, one can enjoy the May Songs on the 1st with the train leaving Siena for Buonconvento, Monte Antico, Asciano, Sant’Angelo Scalo and Montalcino.  On the 14th it will be the turn of the delicious cheese and broad bean market at Asciano. On the 21st there’s a party to celebrate the history of the railway and it will be bringing our Nature Train to Torrenieri and Montalcino. On the 28th the Etruscan Train, instead, will be taking travellers to discover the city of Lars Porsena, Chiusi.

04 Museo della Terracotta, Petroio

On June 11th visits will be to the Terracotta Exhibition in Petroio and the Farmer’s market at Trequanda. On the 18th San Quirico d’Orcia is celebrating Redbeard’s festival with all the quarters competing. On July 9th there will be another trip to San Quirico for a medieval religious festivity, l’Offerta dei Censi.

05 Ruzzi della Conca, Chiusi

In September, the train puffs off on the 3rd for Chiusi to admire its Ruzzi della Conca, an ancient joust. On the 23rd it’s the turn of the Val d’Arbia Festival at Buonconvento. A good opportunity to enjoy this delightful medieval village.

06 Blu Etrusco, Murlo

On October 1st travellers will be participating in the Etruscan Blue Festival at Murlo’s castle, while on the 8th foodies can enjoy the Porcino mushroom Festival at Vivo and Castiglione d’Orcia. There will also be other delicious plates on the stands. On the 15th it’s the turn of the village festival in Abbadia San Salvatore, another fascinating ancient hamlet. Trequanda and it freshly pressed olive oil festival will be the train’s destination on the 22nd.

07 Sagra del Tordo, Montalcino

How can one miss the Thrush Festival in the land of Brunello wine on October 29th in Montalcino? It’s one of Autumn’s most anticipated events. On November 12th, and again on the 19th, the train will be returning to Montalcino, after a stop in San Giovanni d’Asso, for the White Truffle Exhibition.

08 Mostra Mercato Tartufo Bianco, Asciano

In December, on the 3rd,  the train is ready to leave Grosseto this time for Siena, after stopping in at Monte Antico, Asciano and Buonconvento, for the food market in Piazza del Campo. On the 8th it is back in Siena to take its commuters  to the White Truffle Festival in Asciano and on the 10th to the Olive Oil Fete in San Quirico d’Orcia on its last journey for 2017.


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