Genoa, Slow Fish 2017. We are the Net

01 Slow Fish

From May 18 to 21, Porto Antico in Genoa is hosting Slow Fish 2017. La Rete Siamo Noi.

02 Porto Antico, credits Alessandro Vecchi

Porto Antico, the old harbour, is where the International Exposition of Genoa ’92 was held and where today one can find the Aquarium of Genoa, the second largest in Europe.

03 SlowFish Cooking Class. credits SlowFish

Slow Fish is an international event which combines fish, good fishing practices, scientific marine resources, protection of biodiversity and also a lesson on taste.

04 We are the net, credits SlowFish

This year’s slogan is “la rete siamo noi”, we are the net. Here reference is to the complex network between links and nodes in the web.

05 Fishing in Liguria, Credits Bistromare

Slow Fish is especially dedicated to fishermen, cooks, academics and researchers, but the many food stalls, where chefs and fishermen will prepare their tasty dishes, are a direct invitation to foodies.

06 Fish auction, credits SlowFish

Also scheduled are open air conferences with film projections, music, presentations and much more.

07 Fried anchovies, credits SlowFish

Open from Thursday to Saturday from 10 am to midnight and on Sunday from 10 am to 9 pm. Free admission.

08 Slow Fish 2015, credits Planetaria Hotels

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