Gustatus 2017 – The Sense of Taste


From November 1st to 5th Orbetello is hosting its traditional Maremma food and wine festival, Gustatus, now at its 12th edition.


This event was created back in 2006 to deseason local tourism. It was a  wish to demonstrate that the local heritage had much to give, food and wine wise, all year round: a patrimony of traditions.


Here healthy food and wine are at kilometre zero, the pride of Maremma. Local producers bring to Gustatus their wine, olive oil, milk, meat, cold meats, honey, jams, species, legumes, obviously fish and much more.


Local restaurateurs take this produce and turn the age-old Maremma recipes into reality: scottiglia, acquacotta, fegatelli alla Buttera, crostini con bottarga di Orbetello and even more mouth-watering dishes are there awaiting you.


During the event the town centre of Orbetello transforms itself into a forest with a multitude of flavours where visitors can also participate in shows, pageants, didactic labs, congresses and guided tastings.


So for those visiting Maremma and Orbetello in these days, a quick visit to the Welcome Maremma stand in the Cathedral square, or in any of the town centre shops with the “vendita bicchieri” brand, with permit you to purchase a bag with a glass goblet, a map and 10 tasting stamps for 7 Euros. Should you think 10 tastings aren’t enough you can buy other 10 tastings (without the goblet) for 6 Euros.


This is certainly an excellent opportunity to try the flavours and tradition of this magnificent region.


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