The 1968 Movement: Images of a Pisan Season

Palazzo Blu, Pisa

Opening on November 7th at the Palazzo Blu in Pisa is an exhibition on the student protests movement of 1968. The movement had its roots in the strikes and university occupations of the 1960s and Pisa, with its University and the Scuola Normale, was one of the main theatres.

di Paolo Maggi

On display a selection of period material, leaflets, newspaper, documents, which illustrate well the various episodes that lead to this season. Also exhibited the photographs taken from the archives of Luciano Frassi, the most important Pisan post-war photoreporter.

1968 protests along the river Arno

The show begins with the first protest episodes in 1964 and continue illustrating the major events that marked most of the political life of those years. Amongst these the 1968 New Year’s Protest at the Bussola (a famous night club where English singer Shirley Bassey was performing that night), the workers unrest at the Marzotto textile manufacturers  and the Saint-Gobain glass factory, the clashes with the far-right movement, until the tragic day in which the young anarchist, Franco Serantini, was killed by the police after being jailed.

1968 protests in the squares

The exhibition will be on display in the halls of the second floor of Palazzo Blu until March 7th 2018. Open from Monday to Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to 8 pm. Full price ticket costs 3 Euros, if you’re also visiting the Escher exhibition it will only be 1 Euro.

Il sessantotto a Pisa

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