Arezzo commemorates De Chirico the sculptor

Palazzo della Provincia in Arezzo

Arezzo celebrates Italian artist and writer Giorgio de Chirico at 130 years from his birth, and forty from his death, with an exhibition of what are considered his ‘less known’ works: his sculptures.

Giorgio de Chirico, The Great Metaphysician, credits Riccardo Serafini

The show “Giorgio De Chirico. La Scultura” is hosted in the hall of the Neo-Gothic Palazzo della Provincia in Arezzo and consists of a dozen of works of which two monumental standing three metres tall.

Giorgio de Chirico, The Archaeologists, 1940, hand-painted terracotta

Visitors are not to expect the de Chirico of red towers, empty squares, elongated shadows, cobalt-blue backgrounds. Here there are terracotta horses and their riders, archaeologists, patinated bronzes, Hector and Andromache and a gigantic metaphysician in gold and darkened bronze.

Giorgio de Chirico, Horse and rider, 1939-40, terracotta sculpture, credits Riccardo Serafini

In a universe of their own, they interact flawlessly with the large space the frescoed hall of Palazzo della Provincia offers, in a sort of sublime synthesis of the thought of this great interpreter of metaphysical painting.

Giorgio de Chirico, Hector and Andromache, credits monica_ba73

The exhibition will remain open until March 4th.


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