The World’s Largest Christmas Stocking 2011

Italian Christmas fireplace

On January 5th, 2011, the Italian volunteer emergency services organisation Pubblica Assistenza of Carrara, in Tuscany, and its various branches produced the largest Christmas stocking.

Longest Christmas Stocking 2011

It measured 51 m and 35 cm (168 ft, 5.65 in) in length and 21 m 63 cm (70 ft 11.57 in) in width from heel to toe.

The Befana flies during the night of the 5th

The event was organised in order to raise money for a charity helping the aged and to celebrate the Epiphany. In Italy, in fact, on the eve of the 6th traditionally an old crone, the Befana, visits houses flying on her broom and bringing socks full of sweets for the good children, while the naughty ones only find coal.

Longest Christmas Stocking filled with balloons and presents

So as to fulfil the Guinness World Records guideline the stocking had to be filled with presents, so the volunteers filled it with balloons containing sweets, toys, pens and notebooks.

Longest Christmas Stocking in Piazza Alberica

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