Ambrogio Lorenzetti in Maremma

The Museum of Sacred Art of Massa Marittima is hosting an exhibition on “Ambrogio Lorenzetti in Maremma. The masterpieces of the Grosseto and Sienese territories”. The exhibition of this master of Italian painting, born in Siena towards the end of the 13th century,  is on show in the town which preserves his grandest masterpiece, the Maestà.

There are 11 works by Ambrogio Lorenzetti on display at the  Museum Complex of San Pietro all’Orto by this great exponent of the Sienese School of the 14th century, known as the painter of the “Good Government”, a series of frescoes to be found in Palazzo Pubblico, Siena.

Ambrogio Lorenzetti was an overwhelmingly creative artist who profoundly renewed many iconographic traditions. He was an innovator of altar paintings and of sacred stories who widened the artistic vision also to the narration of landscape and environment, yet paradoxically was little known until recently.

The exhibition wishes to offer an overall vision of the various seasons the artist crossed during his career. Amongst the works on display is the figure of King Salomon (c. 1320/1325), a fragment which was originally part of a frame connecting Ambrogio’s scenes to those of his brother, Pietro, painted for the Sala Capitolare of the Sienese Convent of St Francis. The polyptych of St. Peter in Castelvecchio, the polyptych of Madonna with Child and the Saints Peter and Paul painted for the Church of Roccalbegna, instead, all date back to 1340.

Between these two dates belong all the other works: the painted cross of Pieve di Montenero d’Orcia, the glass window portraying the Archangel Michael winning the demons, the sinopites of the Annunciation from the Chapel of San Galgano in Montesiepi, the Four Saints of the Opera della Metropolitana Museum of Siena, the frescoes on the eastern side of the Cloister of St Francis, Siena, and the Allegory of Redemption from the Pinacoteca di Siena.

The exhibition proceeds in other two venues where Lorenzetti worked: the Church of San Pietro all’Orto, where there is a fragment of a fresco, and the Cathedral of San Cerbone, where recently other frescoes by the Maestro where discovered.

Open until September 16th, the Museum will be open until June 30th from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm and from 4 pm to 7 pm; from July to September it will be open every day from 10 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 8 pm. Full ticket costs 7 Euros.

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