Lucignano, one of Tuscany’s medieval pearls

The medieval village of Lucignano is set in the heart of the beautiful Valdichiana, strategically located between Arezzo and Siena. For over four centuries it was disputed both by the two cities as well as by Florence and Perugia, proving to be very precious.

Today it sits atop a hill, cosily hidden within its remarkably well-preserved walls which hide a series of concentric narrow streets fanning out to create a unique elliptical shape.

Church of St. Francis, Lucignano @GenniGianfranceschi

Within the walls of Lucignano you can admire beautifully conserved buildings, such as the 12th-century Palazzo Pretorio, the Gothic church of St. Francis and the 14th-century Sienese fortress, while outside the walls lies the sanctuary of the Madonna della Querce, attributed to Giorgio Vasari.

The Tree of Life, Museo Civico, Lucignano

Most noteworthy is the extraordinary Tree of Life preserved within the Town Museum. This exquisite masterpiece, also known as the Golden Tree, is a gilded and bejewelled tree surmounted by a crucified figure. Standing 2,60 m tall, this elaborate reliquary made for the Franciscan church was created by jewellers between 1350 and 1471.

Maggiolata, Lucignano @RosarioCalcagno

From April to December Lucignano hosts a vast array of events, such as the renowned Maggiolata held in May, when the town is flooded with scents and colours and floats entirely covered with flowers parade through the streets.

Maggiolata, Lucignano @MaggiolataLucignanese

Lucignano, certainly worth a visit.

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