A Close-up of Cortona Tuscan Sun festival

Last night,  August the 4th 2011,  at the Teatro Signorelli, Cortona,  the performance  Seduction, Smoke and Music  took place,  starring Jeremy Irons and his wife the Irish actress  Sinead Cusack, replacing  the forfeiting Sharon Stone.  (see the blog of Tuscany Holiday Rent  about the  Tuscan Sun Festival of July  the23rd ). The real-life couple staged  the troubled love story between Chopin and the writer George Sand. When they met, he was a Polish twenty eight year penniless pianist,  already undermined by tuberculosis  while the sexually liberated writer was 34 . Their  affair lasted ten years,  rich in exchange of love letters, partially burnt after his death. From them  and from unpublished documents the performance came out. Jeremy Irons stepped easily into the musician’s soul – he says- just listening to the first notes of Chopin’s music.  Theatre,  music, ballet and  the magic spot, Cortona ,conjure up  the miracle, according the actor’s  words. He, as well, underlines his attachment to  the beauty of this  Tuscan corner,  where the only walking among its narrow street seems to him a real  charm.

 He still  wonders about this small town, completely saved from  the ravages of the second world war. He goes on lingering on his father’s memories who would have liked to have here a  good retreat. Since the times of J. Iron’s  starring Bertolucci’s Io Ballo da Sola, he has always been in love  with this  unspoilt landscape, so different from  his industrialized England. He will always be pleased to come back here, available to any interesting proposal, which , we suppose,  won’t be  late.

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