David Murray at Roselle, Maremma

Tonight  August the 4th 2001,  the popular  festival of Roselle, Grosseto,  will host the Grey Cat Jazz Festival in a former quarry, turned now  into a green workshop of culture and entertainment,  ranging from poetry and philosophy to  music, art exhibition and theatre. Davis Murray and his  Cuban Ensemble are going to celebrate “Nat King Cole en Espanol”  in an environment so different from the usual jazz clubs. The famous saxophone player is coming  to a rustic scenario, made of rosemary, olive trees and lavender of the Stone Park of Roselle, Grosseto. In this magical corner of  the Maremma, Grosseto, he is going to play  a 2010 Buenos Aires recording,  a reinterpretation of the Cuban repertoire of Nat Cole in the late 50s.  Surely, the audience will be given strong emotions by the rearrangement of famous songs like  “Quizas, Quizas” or “Tres Palabras “.

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