Madonna back in Florence again

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Madonna, the great chameleon-like pop star, is going to come to Florence on June, the 16th, 2012, as officially announced by the mayor. The site of the concert is Florence Franchi Stadium. After 25 years Madonna will be  back in Florence,  the town which welcomed her 1987 show ”The Material Girl”. She was already a show icon at the time. The fans were thrilled by her impressive silhouette in net stockings, biker boots and ragged wedding dress. Rob Sadusky, at the time, her stage costume supervisor, chose carefully her fashion designers who had to give the right shape to her on-going changes. Madonna’s  shrewd and very personal taste often urged her to address the aesthetic sensibility  of  Old Europe to frame  the image she had carefully planned. Thence J. Paul Gaultier,  the French fashion’s original enfant terrible who designed Madonna’s risqué cone bra  for the Blond Ambition Tour in 1990  and the following  stage costume for the 2006 Confessions Tour.

This year, 2012, at the Super Bowl Indianapolis, U.S.A. the Material Girl has dazzled football fans at Lucas Oil Stadium for her Cleopatra- style. The dramatic performance, highlighted by her Egyptian regalia, headdress, spiked black boots, was enhanced by other visual effects planned  by the Canadian Cirque de Soleil. Givenchy haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci has perfectly matched the show.

Italian style fashion, synonym of quality, style and elegance,  is not forgotten by Madonna. She particularly adores  the long-established Florentine Salvatore Ferragamo, “the shoemaker to the stars”, who after  earning a name in Hollywood  in the 20s, came back to the native country in search of high quality human resources. He settled in Florence at Palazzo Spini Feroni.

He is  still there nowadays.

Florence forever.

For the shoes worn by the pop star in Alan Parker’s Evita, she chose  the Florentine craftsmanship because of the functional, aesthetic and fashionable accent in her overall female look.

Even in her private life the Florentine timeless elegance and striking style have become a common connotation.

Feeling quite confident of her stylistic choices, she can conjugate the fashion designer Roberto Cavalli with Frida Giannini of Gucci Fashion either for a soirèe at the MOMA in New York City or for day at the Venice Film Festival.

Florence means perfect design and material, techniques  and creativity along a line of  continuous cross-references between past and present, sharing art, in all its forms, as common domain.

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