Gazing up inside the courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi

The courtyard of Palazzo Strozzi  has lately lost its function of passageway. It has become a  vital spot for cultural events taking place all the year round, thanks to the Strozzina Foundation. A new challenging trend  to define  its  role, the urgent need to re- state cultural, economic and political values which seem,  by now,  unhinged. Thence its  intriguing proposal: the courtyard becomes an agorà where to build up and share  different viewpoints, inside a common cultural heritage, as  privileged issues unknown to the anonymous social  media. The court gets a catalyzer of  confrontation, on April the 30th 2012 at Florence” Notte Bianca” (sleepless night). Palazzo Strozzi  celebrates it with an installation “Aerial Boundaries” by Loris Cecchini, an artist from Milan living between the Siena countryside and Berlin. The work consists of large three-dimensional geometrical  reflecting shapes, suspended on the courtyard. A game of light and shadow  fragmenting architectural elements around. It is a dialogue between the reality and the image of it. The connection with  Florentine neo-platonism, source of  Renaissance and the real world  is clear. The reference  to the fragmentation of our times is patent, no need to disturb Modernism and its highest work Eliot’s Waste Land.  The geometrical shapes, looking like  floating clouds, capture  the harmonious elegance of the courtyard to give back  distorted, though  intriguing, images. The  visual perception of the court through them has completely changed. The aim of my work – Cecchini says – is questioning oneself, abandoning the customary certainties in search of more complex and deeper understanding. From there  the installation will move on June the 30th  to an open- air museum, the Fattoria di Celle. Look at the  post written about it on tuscany holiday rent blog.

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