Riding a bike among vineyards and Tuscan villages

Let’s abandon  cars  for a while  and devote ourselves to slow time. What ‘s better than joining two passions  like bike and  wine? Just in few days,  in the heart of Tuscany  a pleasant   event “ Tuscany  wine and bike” is taking place,  from April the 30th up to May the 2nd 2012. It is something more  than  sipping a good glass of wine, it is a way of  understanding  and appreciating wine as final result of a traditional process, deeply rooted in the local culture. Tuscany Holiday Rent suggests you a suitable  accommodation in a gorgeous medieval hamlet transformed into a beautiful  farmhouse for a short  but refreshing  holiday.  The tour is planned in order to start from the aesthetic  contemplation of  the landscape made up of vineyards in their glorious springtime blooming  to the actual tasting of wine as the  due conclusion in  several farms.  Here the winegrowers  will disclose the treasures of their “cantine” (cellars) in a glass of Tuscan wine:  different  bouquets according to vines and production areas.  Little by little  the awareness of wine as an age-old knowledge and wisdom gets increasingly clear,  enriching past experiences and looking for future curiosities.  A training  journey aiming at the real pleasure of tasting a glass of wine in a real emotional involvement of the eye, nose and palate. The background of this adventure is as exciting.  Cerreto Guidi,  Varna,  San Miniato,  Chianni  and  San Gimignano are just few stops that fairly represent the different aspects of the Tuscan landscape,  a relaxing mixture of natural beauties and historical landmarks.  The  towers , roads and  churches the biker meets  stand there as witnesses of a rich past  still dialoguing with the present  and a permanently significant milestone  such as the Via Francigena,  the medieval road linking  Canterbury to Rome,  rightly deserves  the respectful homage of  believers and of anybody else aware of this cultural heritage.

For further information about this event write to info@tuscanyholidayrent.com

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