“Olandiamo” in Florence from springtime 2012 up to February 2013

Tuscany is a  region much loved by the Dutch,  a  file rouge  links  the two countries. Since the days of the nineteenth century Grand Tour,  the Dutch  have appreciated the Tuscan landscape,  both urban and rural, and its lifestyle  including  art, wine  and food. On the other side Tuscans, through centuries, have always travelled to Netherlands. Among the most famous, the Medicis,  who,  because of their banking business there,  started to enrich their art collections with paintings and Flemish tapestries (see on that purpose the post  on tuscany holiday rent blog ”A Firenze Galleria degli Arazzi: Epifanie di tessuti preziosi” published on March 22nd 2012 ) . Nowadays  these  peoples are linked by shared interests and passions ranging from  fashion , art  up to environment.

Thence  the great cultural partnership between Netherlands and Tuscany, called “Olandiamo”,  which includes  events taking place along the whole year 2012  in  Firenze, Lucca, Pisa, Prato and Leghorn. The Dutch ambassador Alphonsus  Stoelinga, on April the 17th 2012,  started this initiative to enhance the relationship between the two countries  with the documentary exhibition  about Anna Frank at Prato. After   May the 16th, 2012,  it will be transferred  to Leghorn and Lucca. The issue is still relevant and  the personal story of Anna Frank and in general the  Jewish persecution  during the second world war  have  to stimulate the necessary and up- to- date  reflections on  the basic  values of  tolerance and freedom.

Exhibitions on art , performances  are planned to highlight the artistic exchange as well. From May the 3rd up to the 13th, 2012   sound installations of the Dutch artists Ronald van der Meijs and  Jeroen Uyttendaele have been scheduled at the Florentine  festival,  Fabbrica Europa.

On the  respectful attention to environment the cycling event at the Cascine, Florence,  is focused on Saturday 12th 2012. Its prelude  the joint press conference in Palazzo Vecchio, on Friday May 11 by Mr. Stoelinga and Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi. They are going to underline the cycling advantages as to pollution, energy saving and a new way of moving downtown, drawing on the long established  Dutch experience.  A cycling tour for families, who will be offered  T-shirts and led lights will follow the following day.

Just a hint at the planned next events

-the  conference on Carrara marble and Lowlands in June

-the Pisa Book  Festival in November

– the exhibition of architectures and art at Pecci Center for Contemporary art, Prato, in December

-the Dutch textile designs in February 2013 at the Museo del Tessuto a Prato.

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