A nice event, the Toscanello d’oro, in the Tuscan countryside, at 11kms from Florence

The Toscanello d’oro, the traditional event of wines produced in the area of Pontassieve, Florence , is now 43. A nice  tradition of which the locals, so tied to their glorious past, are very proud.  Now,  the downtown hosts for a four days’  wine festival,  accompanied by cultural events, exhibitions and  readings.  A good opportunity to spend pleasant days,  sipping good wines and listening to good music or  shopping at the stalls of the local  food market,  rich of genuine  produce.  Pontassieve  has infact been since the end of the 19th and 20th centuries  an agricultural center  proving Florence with high quality products.

The Wine Citadel in piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, focus of the event,  will let you discover new horizons  in guided wine  tastings. All that in the joyous atmosphere of the Corteo Storico,  a renaissance parade,  the witness  of  its  strong ties with Florence , just at 11 kms away .

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