Tribeca Enterprises movies from Manhattan to Florence

The Tuscan Sun Festival,  moved this year to Florence from Cortona,  lists among the many musical events a film  section by the Tribeca Film Enterprises,  founded in Manhattan in 2002 by Craig Hatkoff,  Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro, the famous American actor.

The seat is the prestigious Florentine Cinema Odeon, an  art nouveau jewel,  unjustly unknown to the great public,  located just in front of the Palazzo Strozzi.  On the same square,  on show  different expressions of American culture.  On one side in the renaissance building,  a  19th century exhibition of American Impressionist painters (see on purpose the post” The Seine and Paris replaced by the Arno  and Florence in The American Impressionists” in Tuscany Holiday Rent  blog)  on the other one,  in the liberty hall,  the showing of Tribeca Enterprises  films for four days,  from June the 13th up to the 17th , 2012.  The manager of the Tribeca Enterprises is Geoffrey  Gillmore,  a  teacher at the UCLA cinema departmen.   His curriculum is noteworthy,  well rooted in this field he has been   manager for 19 years  at the Sundance Festival of the  top star  Robert Redford. Gillmore,  as an expert in indipendent film productions,  supports high quality movies  against the obstacles of marketing system, thus  facing the effort of widening the horizons.  Tribeca Enterprises have been doing that for many years,  opening themselves to many foreign countries. They were in Bejiing,   in Quatar,  in Rome and now it is the turn of Florence.  Geoffrey Gillmore loves the Tuscan town where he is a habitué . He is linked to Florence by  cherished memories,  dating back to 25 years ago when he was first  invited  by the” Festival dei Popoli”.  The choice of the movies at the Odeon is varied, though always respectful of quality  as to  form and content.

Let’s just  remember  Wagner’s Dream,  a documentary of the staging of the Wagnerian Ring at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York  City and  the Biography of Tony Bennett, a  famous American crooner,  able to indulge on jazz as well.

The World before Her, a documentary on Indian women’s condition and Any Day Now, story of a homosexual couple adopting  a handicapped boy  are not to be missed because of  their contemporary issues, conjugated  with high standard  experimentation.

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