Tuscany: a perfect backdrop for movie productions

Cinema has always been in love  with Tuscany. These days  its landscape is being the set for new movies. The Italian film  director Pietro Marcello, winner of  2009 Torino Festival with la Bocca del Lupo, is shooting here  Bella e Perduta, dealing with an interesting issue: an  aware national  identity.

Many towns are involved,  among the meaningful sites,  let us mention  the shooting,  scheduled on June the 14 and 15, 2012 in Santa Croce,  Florence, a place deeply marked by history,  starting from its  13th architect Arnolfo di Cambio  up to great men Michelangelo, Galilei , Dante Alighieri, who found  here their final resting places, both tombs or cenotaphs.

The Prounen Film for the German ZDF  is producing Country Villas in Tuscany: birth of Europe. The issue is Renaissance Florence and its economic and cultural exchanges  with some  European cities.  One of the main characters is Lorenzo de’ Medici, who becomes here  the guide to most of Tuscan villas and stately homes.

A good opportunity to meet the  glorious past of Tuscan history inside spots  such as Villa Medici Petraia at  Sesto, Florence,  Villa Gamberaia , rich in “giardini all’italiana” in the immediate outskirts of Florence,  Villa Torrigiani and Villa Mansi in Lucca, Villa Medici at Poggio a Caiano ,Florence,  Villa Medici at Buti, Pisa,  and last  the Borro , the Ferragamo family home in Siena. This propriety continues to live beyond its historical dimension.  It is  a luxury  accommodation plunged into a timeless dimension.

Even the National Geographic is interested in Tuscany on  preparing its  historical programs called ” Museum Secrets”. They  mainly focus on the symbol of  Florentine  artistic greatness “ the Galleria degli Uffizi”, without forgetting masterworks such as  the Villa Il Gioiello at Arcetri, Florence  and some  other locations at San Giovanni d’Asso,  Siena.

India too casts  a keen eye  on Tuscany with its Bollywood productions.  After shooting here the movie Rajapattai,  it is here back again,  feeling the charms of the place. The coastal area of   Lucca, Viareggio, Lido di Camaiore and Forte dei Marmi, are going to be the sets of a new film “Ajab Gazabb Love”, produced by Pooja Films &Entertainment Ltd and directed by Sanjay Gadhvi.

A romantic and hilarious story set in a magic backdrop.  The plot is simple, though rich in  misunderstandings.  An Indian boy,  son to a tycoon,  professionally trained in Italy,  gets back home.

Here he happens to fall in love with an oddly  rich girl who  seems to  disdain large fortunes.  For love’s sake he and his family have to pretend to be poor people. A comedy of errors is unwinding  through continuous funny situations up to the predictable happy ending.

Finally,  by the end of June,  Ricochet Television, one of Britain’s leading independent  tv production companies,  will shoot  in  Lucca , Pisa  and in the Chianti,  “the Bachelor”, a successful  format,  an entertainment program,  broadcast by major networks both in the UK and USA.  Spencer Matthews , a reality star and  one of the most eligible bachelors,  is searching the woman of his dreams.  Twenty four girls are competing to win his heart. He is going  to whittle down the number of girls and progressively learns  about his final choice of a successful relationship.  The movie is going to be shoot in some of the most glamorous and breathtaking locations in the world among which Tuscany plays a significant role for its  natural and artistic  jewels .

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