The exhibition “From Boldini to De Pisis” in Florence

If you love Tuscany and  its landscape  you can’t miss  the colours and the atmosphere of Easter in Florence.

Here, a gorgeous apartment with a  breathtaking view over the Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria is the perfect framework of  your  adventures downtown. You might profit of the many cultural events. One in particular: the  exhibition ” From Boldini to De Pisis”.

Florence, now, welcomes  the masterpieces of Palazzo Massari in Ferrara, seat of  both  prestigious nineteenth century collections and of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Filippo de Pisis,  lately damaged by the earthquake that struck  Emilia-Romagna in May 2012.

Deliberately sympathetic to the dramatic events, the Tuscan city means with this exhibition to strenghten the emotional  bonds  some of the  artists here on show used to have with Florence. The exhibition, lasting up to May 19th 2013, has been chronologically organized in two different venues:  Villa Bardini and the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti.

Villa Bardini, on the hills surrounding Florence with a dramatic view on the city is the perfect location of the Ferrara collections. Twenty-six masterworks including romantic paintings of Turchi,  Domenichini and Pagliarini  but above all the portraits of  Giovanni Boldini, which are really worth a visit. Formal perfection, elongated feminine elegance enriched by the artifices of make-up and milliners’ work are the prevailing features of the portrayed ladies, creatures continuously  swinging between stage and reality. They suggest as the American  art  historian Bernard Berenson underlines ”a strong power of magic”. Boldini’s quick brush strokes evoke  self- determined,  charming , middle upper class females, fixed eternally in a single and memorable moment. Their  radiant  beauty  seems to challenge time.

A different perspective is the one charmingly suggested by Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo his catalogue to a past successful  exhibition Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Pitti.organized in 2008 at Villa Schmitz by the  Comune di Montecatini Terme,  Pistoia. He authoritatively imagines the artist bringing out the ladies’ egos  just  before the oncoming autumn of life or, in the attitude of  a sorcerer, collecting the fragile petals to be reassembled for a single  moment of eternal spring.

In the other venue of the exhibition the Modern Art Gallery in Palazzo Pitti we can again  linger on   Boldini’s  still- lives : “A corner of the table of the painter” and “ Apples Calville”  which show an unusual side of the painter, so far from the sophisticated  and   emancipated creatures of the Belle Epoque.

After a quick look to the other  great artists of the exhibition such as  Angelo Conti, Minerbi, Muzzioli  let’s focus on the gorgeous painting of  Gaetano Previati’s” Paolo and Francesca” of 1909, based on  Dante’s fifth Canto of the Inferno.  A game  of light and shadow  in motion where the artist reaches  the top  of his painting.

His  brush dissolves  the forms  for the benefit of the spiritual reality of the subjects represented. Light  is the true protagonist. In a visionary and hallucinatory  atmosphere the two lovers shape up  the infernal storm that overwhelms the lustful,  together with the damned souls on the hand  right side. The faces of Paolo and Francesca still express the ardor of passion that binds them forever, conveying deep emotions to us who, even today, can share the same tensions and anxieties. The visitor,  caught  up in a complete involvement,  is  now unable to  go on. The other  great  painter on show,  Filippo  De Pisis, will be the subject of his next adventure. His   eyes and heart  are too full . He is walking out  into the streets,  abandoning himself  to the Florentine  springtime.

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