Asciano, the Accona Desert rose

01 Accona Desert - Copia

In the centre of the Crete Senesi, lies the Accona Desert with the town of Asciano

The countryside around Siena has always been particularly appreciated by tourists for its colours, vegetation, medieval villages and above all variety. Be it the Upper Elsa Valley with its hills covered in vineyards, mountainous Amiata, luxuriant Chianti Sienese, the beautiful emerald rolling hills of the Valdichiana, the cypress-lined lanes of the Valdorcia, the stone ruins of the Merse Valley or the lunar landscape of the Crete Senesi. Not many know, however, that right in the centre of this last region, there lies a semi-arid area known as the Accona Desert, Deserto di Accona.

 02 Asciano

The Accona Desert is situated to the west and the south of the beautiful medieval walled town of Asciano, a rapid succession of  badlands and dome-shaped formations locally known as biancane, owing to their white colour. This particular morphology and soil composition is not favourable for cultivating olive trees and grapevines, however, centuries of anthropic work have partially changed the scenery and now wheat, sunflowers and pasture dot the area. The area has been known with the name of Accona since the Middle Ages and was also depicted in the series of frescoes painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti “The Allegory of Good and Bad Government” located in the Palazzo Pubblico, Town Hall, of Siena.

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The town of Asciano itself offers many interesting sights within its walls as well as events during the year. For those wishing to visit the area we suggest this magnificent villa for 12 with swimming pool, at just 8 km from Asciano, with breathtaking views over the surrounding countryside. This place is ideal for a relaxing vacation, as well as being a perfect starting point for visiting many famous Tuscan art centres such as Siena (at just 30 km), Montalcino (idem), Pienza (34 km), Cortona (44 km) Arezzo (45 km) and Montepulciano (idem) or the thermal baths in nearby Rapolano Terme. Book your holiday online today!

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