Trekking it out in Tuscany

 01 Val di Cecina

Not many people know that between Volterra and the centre of the Metal-Bearing Hills, le Colline Metallifere, there is a wild and untouched natural area which carefully watches over a wide variety of environments. It is the territory of the Val di Cecina, a region with a high level of natural, historical and cultural value. This district boasts the presence of three major protected areas: the Natural Reserve of Berignone, the Natural Reserve of Monterufoli-Caselli and the Natural Reserve of Montenero, extending over an area of approximately 7100 hectares (71.000 km²) that crosses the towns of Pomarance, Monteverdi Marittimo, Montecatini Val di Cecina and Volterra, in the Alta Val di Cecina area.


These wild parks preserve an incredible presence of biodiversities: vast forests and thick undergrowth, crisscrossed by a network of rivers such as the Sterza and the Trossa, determine one of the largest wilderness areas in Tuscany. This unusually varied habitat is home to numerous plants and animals and is distinguished by an endemic flora and in particular by fascinating mineralization and geological formations that attract both geology lovers and hikers.

 03 Riserva naturale Montenero

There are many activities for visitors in this area: sports, leisure and naturalist. The many trails offer either easy bike or horseback tours or hikes that will certainly not disappoint the more challenging trekking lovers. Plus four Sites of Community Importance (SCI) have been identified inside the parks for the delight of bird watchers, plant enthusiasts, and animal lovers.

04 Accommodation in Monteverdi Marittimo S262

If you’re planning to visit these incredible Tuscan gems, we suggest staying at the town of Monteverdi Marittimo, whose origins go back to the early Middles Ages, when in 754 AD the monastery of San Pietro in Palazzuolo was founded. Just outside town there is a beautiful holiday villa with swimming pool for rent which can accommodate up to 12 people, perfect for large family groups or friends. Here you can go explore the natural reserves, relax near the swimming pool or visit the magnificent Etruscan Coast and its beaches, at just 18 km. The perfect getaway from the madding crowd.

05 Accommodation in Monteverdi Marittimo S262

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