The Sound of Silence

 01 Teatro del Silenzio

Hidden on the gently rolling hills between the Valdera valley and the Val di Cecina, near the village of Lajatico, is an open air amphitheatre very well known to most melomaniacs. Born from the creative mind of architect-director Alberto Bartalini, il Teatro del Silenzio, Theatre of Silence, was built in 2006 near the hometown of Italian operatic tenor Andrea Bocelli. Andrea, in fact, serves as honorary President and performs here for one night only, every July. For the rest of the year the theatre remains silent.

 02 Andrea Bocelli

Born in this territory, Andrea Bocelli’s desire was to create a location where he could collect his entire world together. A world of music, of particularly intense emotions, of friends who would happily participate in this project.

 03 Teatro del Silenzio

A soundless project in a setting where for 364 days a year everything remains perfectly intact in harmony and then, for just one day, suddenly wakes up to another life. A life made of people, of ‘bel canto’, of dancing and of all other types of performing arts, both national and international. All unite with he who has brought Italian melody in every corner of the world.

 04 Teatro del Silenzio

With this project, Andrea Bocelli has fused together his songs and his origins. Lajatico, and all its surroundings, are truly a spectacular stage to visit and explore. In town one can visit the 13th-century parish church of San Leonardo next to the ancient Oratory of San Sebastiano, the bell tower and its 18th-century clock, whereas of the 12th-century castle remains only a façade with stone coat of arms facing the main square. Neighbouring towns worth a visit are Chianni, the mine town Montecatini Val di Cecina, Peccioli, Riarbella, Terricciola and the beautiful Etruscan Volterra. Furthermore, Lajatico’s central position is ideal for reaching most Tuscan art cities and seaside resorts. For those wishing to stay in the area we recommend these holiday flats in lovely stone farmhouses with swimming pool near Chianni.

 05 Accommodations in Chianni S46

06 Accommodations in Chianni S46

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